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Lifetaker: Night Intruder: Review

Hailing from the streets of Dortmund Germany, Lifetaker are on a very simple mission, to tear down the tedious struggle of modern life by leading the charge in a sonic assault that blends elements of death metal with crust and noise.

Night Intruder is the follow up to 2018's Thanatos which turned heads among the German extreme metal scene upon its release. This second outing is longer, heavier and crisper than it's predecessor and sets out the bands intent. Lifetaker are not here to play games, they intend to take no prisoners in their war on everyday life. They are loud, heavy and demand your attention. Comprising outstanding vocal screams, crust laden guitar work complete with slams and blistering harmonics along with unapologetic drums and bass all guarantee that you will know you've listened to a Lifetaker record by the end.

This is a dark, pissed off and uncomfortable album, to use a term that may possibly over utilised, it pulls no punches. The perfect remedy to a bad day or just the record to get you pumped and ready for the pit at a dingy show somewhere Night Intruder has intensity by the truckload. Catacomb Winds, Cold War and First Woe are among the standouts from the early to mid sections of the record with Solipsist, Carcosa and Glorify The Blade all offering particular highlights towards the close.

For an album that spans fourteen tracks, it doesn't overstay it's welcome, in fact you could add another five or six tracks here and it would play just as well. To sum up, this is an effortless listen that remains punishing at the same time. While we don't yet know exactly what Lifetaker have in store for us in the near future, we do know we are fully on board.

Rating 8/10