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Lacuna Coil - Black Anima: Review

Right out of the gate Black Anima, the new album from Lacuna Coil doesn't hold back. Make no mistake, this is a heavier and grittier Lacuna Coil that you may be used to. Black Anima oozes with emotion, mostly drawn from frontwoman Christina Scabbia’s own personal hell having lost both of her parents in short succession, a tragedy that would, of course, be incredibly hard to face for anyone, yet Christina channels her grief and anger into her work with such force that you can feel the pain that resides there.

Tracks like Save Me, Reckless and Layers of Time are hard-hitting with their powerful lyrics and Christina’s famously haunting and beautiful vocals. The guitar work in Apocalypse is also worthy of note, a catchy track that you’ll be singing along to within minutes. There is also a lot more vocal content than expected from Andrea Ferro here also, with the two making the perfect combination of clean and metal vocals.

Black Anima is a journey, it’s an album that deserves your full attention as you spiral down into a labyrinth of feelings and heavy riffs, pounding drums rhythms and unforgiving bass work. If you’ve not given Lacuna Coil much time in the past then this album could very well be the one to change your mind, possibly ushering in a new chapter for the bands sound that has always been polished and tight but Black Anima feels like the next step of progression from albums such as Delirium.

Lacuna Coil also leaned into the darker side of this album and created an air of mystery around the project by having individual tarot cards drawn up for each track, tarot artwork is also featured on the album cover and such cards were hidden in the real world for fans to fins via clues from the bands social media, during the run-up to the release.

There are minimal low points on Black Anima, it’s a torrent of premium metal and those famous gothic vocals, if at least one track doesn't resonate with you then it will be a surprise, especially with Save Me having made waves in the metal press recently due to it’s frantic, and desperate lyrics regarding personal struggles.

Overall Black AnimaI is an incredibly solid album, worthy of repeated listens and worth a look for those who may have not given the band that much attention in the past, this isn’t the Lacuna Coil you think you know.

Black Anima is out now on Century Media

Rating 9/10