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Kalahari - Theia EP: Review

Italian metallers Kalahari recently released a brand new five-track EP Theia, a follow up to 2018's Reburn EP.

“Theia has been a hell of a ride. A 5 track EP might not seem that big of a deal on paper, but recording this thing was a real challenge for us" the band said, this record was the band's first outing in a professional studio having been recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Mazzeo at Mathlab Recording Studio which has seen the likes The Agonist, Ingested and Cryptopsy pass through.

Drawing from the theory of the “giant impact”, Theia is the name given to the celestial body that had hit Earth billions of years ago, creating the moon, upsetting the axis of our planet, changing its rotation and so on, pretty heavy stuff and it's this deep concept that drives the EP and the bands sound, they are on a mission of the same magnitude to deliver quality metal straight from within.

Guitarist Gabriele Bartolucci added: “We can define this EP as the glue that put us together. This record will not only take you on a journey with its concept, starting with Theia, catastrophic inception, and ending with Cabled Core, which signs the highest delusion, but will also bring you on a ride through the different shades of Metal that portrays us as singles and now as a whole"

The EP is a really enjoyable listen, it moves and shifts with a good pace, it's heavy in places and softer in others but all aligned perfectly with the sound and product the band wanted to create. Having conquered the studio environment on this outing it will be exciting to see what the band can produce when it comes to a full-length record, with the admittedly having learnt a lot from the experience but also understanding there is always more to learn.

To check the band and the Ep out for yourself head over to their Bandcamp and part with a small amount of Euro's to show support for a great up and coming band.

Overall 4/5 (EP's rated out of 5)