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Jinjer - Macro: Review

There is no doubt that Jinjer are one of the most exciting bands on the metal scene right now and they have only added to the hype surrounding them with the release of Macro, their fourth studio album.

Macro could very well be Jinjer's defining album, we’d go as far as to say that this record will be the one that brings the band to the forefront, they have gradually built up a following from their native Ukraine to the rest of Europe and have also infiltrated the states. Macro is heavy, hard-hitting and possesses a raw sound that demands undivided attention, it’s a clear message to stand up and take notice because Jinjer are in this for the long run.

The album features the two superb singles, “Judgment & Punishment” and “On The Top” and while they are both incredibly strong tracks they don’t carry the album in any way, “Pit of Consciousness”, the second track in opens with a nu-metal tinged riff ushering in Tatiana Shmailyuk’s vocal assault. “Retrospection” and “Home Back” are equally noteworthy too, the latter hitting like a freight train of aggression delivering, clean and metal vocals, tempo changes and pit inducing riffs.

If you haven’t yet been completely sold on Jinjer then Macro will be the album to decide it, well constructed, raw, almost analogue sound and a good mix of tracks make it worth your time at least once but we’d wager you’ll spin this one again and again.

Rating 8/10