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Ironbound - The Lightbringer: Review

After a heavy evening of brutal death metal and deathcore which I'd been researching and listening to I scrolled through my inbox to see a promo for an album just perfect for cleansing my palate, NWOBHM inspired Ironbound and their new release The Lightbringer.

This record is filled to the brim with exactly what you'd want from a classic New Wave metal release. Chugging, Maiden-esque bass lines, blistering Preist styled riffs, high vox and frantic drums, a true and fitting tribute to all those beloved bands of the time, all packaged tightly with the band's own twist.

Ironbound are from Polish Silesia, a historical area in Central Europe between Poland and the Czech Republic. Founded by three friends with a vision to play blistering heavy metal inspired by the classic British bands that heralded a new era in metal back in the late '70s and early '80s. Zbigniew, Adam and Krzysztof took the extremely talented guitarist, Michał, under their wings and formed their band. After the release of their first EP She-Devil the band started out on their path to metal glory., after a quick line up shuffle, The 'Witch Hunt/Lifesblood' single from 2018 was released and used to usher in their first full album which came out April 30th 2021.

While 'Witch Hunt/Lifesblood' is a clear standout having been used to promote the record, there are other tracks that more than deserve attention such as the excellent and anthemic 'Smoke And Mirrors' or 'Children Left By God' with its blistering intro and then prominent bass line. All nine tracks presented here are fine-tuned and dripping in classic metal goodness, If you're a fan of not just NWOBHM bands but the foundations that were laid for metal to become what it is today then you'll get a kick out of The Lightbringer. Harnassing all that we have come to love from our sprawling behemoth of a genre and all its offshoots.

Overall this is an incredibly fun record, a soundtrack to your night or one to blast out at home, plenty of space is made for Michał's insane guitar skills to be shown off and there is nothing wrong with that whatsoever, his sound and tone perfectly complimenting the vocal style, also a nod needs to be made towards that incredible cover art too, simply stunning.

Check this one out and pull your denim and leather out of storage, Ironbound are here to bring Heavy Metal back!

RATING - 7/10

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