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Iron Sharpens Iron - The Tragedy Of Mankind: EP Review

Michigan based solo artist Larry Passenier has launched a new project Iron Sharpens Iron, from the ashes of several other musical outings.

This new endeavour is a heavy dose of gritty, blackened hardcore that draws from the likes of Pig Destroyer and Shai Hulud and focuses lyrically on mental health and the struggles faced on a daily basis by far too many people around the world.

The EP is made up of six tracks including a cover of Minor Threat's 'Straight Edge', each track has it's own level of intensity, whilst all are high tempo and heavy they each attack in a different way which gives the record a good sense of depth.

Underneath the hardcore beats lays a layer of crust and black metal ferocity that really lends a unique flavour to the sound. The more widespread blackened hardcore becomes the more we are seeing bands experiment with the fledging, hybrid genre and make it their own, this is very much what is happening here too.

It's easy to forget that what you are listening to is produced by a single artist. Each layer of music is tight and polished, expertly mastered via Exit Door Productions, if this is a marker of what Larry can produce then the future for both the genre and the project is bright.

Emotions run high on The Tragedy of Mankind as struggles with inner demons, depression, anxiety and the like are all put to the sword in what is largely a cathartic experience. This will be a source of strength and comfort for many who are up against any of the aforementioned issues.

Overall: 4/5 (EP's Rated out of five)