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Introducing: They Leapt From Burning Windows

Far in the deep-frozen north of Anchorage Alaska resides black metal outfit They Leapt From Burning Windows, who are set to release their second demo on June 26th via Lycaean Triune.

This second demo offers four tracks with an intro and outro to boot. Most demos are fairly lightweight but this one gives us a little more bang for our buck, so to speak. There are lengthy tracks, such as 'Ceo Diuth', which clocks in at a little over ten minutes and 'Bitterant' which sites around the seven-minute mark. The remaining two tracks have a more conventional run time of 3 to 4 minutes.

Considering this is simply a demo there is a lot to unpack, the raging guitars with their evil tone, the lightning-fast drums that threaten to deafen headphone users the creepy underlying bass tones and the sheer intensity of the vocals all make this a premium black metal release before it's even a "proper" release. Demos serve well when they really display the intentions of the band, some will show what a band can do not always what they will do once a major release is ready. This one though feels like it's a true statement of intent from TLFBW, a warning shot if you will, preparing you for the oncoming onslaught their ice-cold brand of the blackest metal has in store in the near future.

I am constantly encouraged by the sheer volume of excellent up and coming music from within the extreme metal scene, a testament to Metal as an umbrella genre being one of if not the fastest growing genres in all of music today. With such bright young bands on the horizon from all subgenres, I feel extreme music has a healthy future ahead of it. I have said this before and I have meant it every time, add TLFBW to your watch list and get your pre-order in!