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Introducing: Sarcator

Whilst trawling through some new music this week I stumbled across what I first thought was an EP by an established band that turned out to actually be a demo from a brand new project out of Sweden. This was my introduction to Sarcator and now I'd like to introduce them to you.

Upon first hearing Sarcator you'd be more than forgiven for thinking they were some European veterans of blackened death metal, you'd be wrong though, just as I was. Demo tapes are usually rough around the edges, they are by design, simply a showcase of what a band can do, no one expects them to be polished and well constructed. A demo should simply competently show what a band can do, what their sound is and where their talents lie. Sarcator it seems, decided, 'To hell with all that', and instead dropped a demo tape that hits like a fully produced and polished EP, titled Visions Of Purgatory

That's not all though, there is still more than meets the eye for Sarcator. The crushing, furious guitar work is produced by a mere fourteen-year-old.... let that sink in for a second, a fourteen-year-old is shredding like a monster and could easily hold his own against some of the industries best. This could be something to do with the fact that this kid is the son of Marko Tervonen of Swedish Death greats, The Crown, but still, the lad has some serious natural talent. It should also be mentioned that the oldest member of the band is only twenty and the others fall somewhere in between.

The demo is being circulated via label Redefining Darkness and is actually a combination of two of the band's demos, Screams From Below, and Sepulchral Noise, these two combined make Visions of Purgatory.

The music really needs to speak for itself, it's brutal, heavy and tight, for a set of demo tracks this is an excellent release and should make all thrash and death fans very excited. You can stream the demo on the band's Bandcamp page and will be available for purchase February 14th.