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Introducing: Resin Tomb

In recent years two countries have seemingly taken it upon themselves to produce the most exciting new metal bands, that being the UK and our good friends down under, Australia, the latter being the home of Resin Tomb, a new death/grind project from members of Siberian Hell Sounds, Descent and Snorlax based out of Brisbane.

Their debut self-titled EP is due out on July 31st via Brilliant Emperor Records and features five tracks of crushing, noisy, death-grind goodness. The foundation of Resin Tomb's sound and the idea behind the project as a whole is the amalgamation of complex, dark death metal with flesh-ripping black metal vibes and a healthy dose of grind to lend a hint of insanity to everything. The result? A heavy, unsettling ride through an EP that pulls no punches and sets out its soul-consuming agenda immediately.

Recorded and mixed at Black Blood Audio and mastered by Simon at Empty Hall Studios the EP is a perfect demonstration of what we can expect in the near future from these already well-versed metal composers, this is a new wave of dark and heavy music from deep within their wretched bag of tricks.

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