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Introducing: MrKill

Australian Melodic Death Metal unit MrKill, formed in 2017, are all set to release their debut EP The Day of Reckoning on 31st July this year.

MrKill says about their EP: "The character 'MrKill' could be summarised as a character of either a Special Forces soldier or perhaps a CEO that has served in the military previously. He does what he wants when he wants and how he wants it. In 'The Day Of Reckoning' MrKill is on a mission to avenge past events through his evil ways of destruction.“ 

MrKill blends musical styles with relative ease with a somewhat predominant focus on melodic death metal. Lyrically the band play with themes of turmoil, darkness, ignorance and despotism. All this is set to the backdrop of chugging guitars, heavy bass and sonic high notes and moments of shred and pummeling drums. Vocals, at least on the EP are a mix of growls and shouts lending to the ebb and flow of the tracks.

Between the intro and outro sit four tracks, 'Annihilation', 'Hatred', 'Valiant Amusement' and 'Oblivion'. Each track has it's own identity and no two really sound the same which demonstrates the range MrKill can reach. The music while heavy doesn't reach "brutal" levels and is more accessible than your typical melodic death band which is in no way a bad thing. The EP is an enjoyable listen and will be a hit for fans of In Flames, Killswitch Engage or Arch Enemy.

The band have released a short teaser video you can check out below for a quick sample of what to expect once the EP releases. Be sure to check out their social media channels, give them a follow and check out The Day of Reckoning when it drops, July 31st!