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Introducing: Hieros

Some of you may already be aware of Mourning Light Records, especially those of you who like your Black Metal from the deep underground. For those only hearing the name for the first time reading this, let me explain, the label proudly dedicates a lot of its time to supporting and promoting emerging Black Metal artists, one of their latest ventures is a new breed of American Black Metal, Hieros and their debut EP Triduum.

Drawing inspiration from both ancient religions and various fields of spirituality, Hieros weaves together tales of mysticism and the unknown world that may very well be all around us, asking impossible questions and delivering all this with plenty of groove and power akin to Satyricon or Abyssal.

The EP presents three tracks and weighs in at around seventeen minutes, more than enough to grasp the statement of intent being telegraphed from Hieros, as we alluded to, a new vein of American Black Metal is ripe for being tapped into and they damn well want you to take notice.

The music packs atmosphere and that groove mentioned a moment ago, the vocals are decipherable and prominent with all-around tight and masterful music on all fronts. Tropes and stereotypes are left at the door, nothing here is forced or overdone, instead, a great balance is struck and the music delivered is a worthwhile listen from yet another great, young metal band destined for exciting things ahead.

To find out more, head over to Bandcamp to follow and pre-order the EP which releases July 3rd.