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Introducing: Disrotter

Washington's DC's fresh brutal, death metal and crust unit Dissrotter have hit the scene hard and heavy with their chaotic demo Plague which showcases what the trio is all about.

Conjuring up a resemblance to the likes of Nails and Marginal, Plague is a collection of four intense and heavy crust filed death metal tracks that will certainly delight those who dwell at the more extreme ends of the metal spectrum and terrify the unexpectant.

The demo was recorded and mixed by Yavé Rust and mastered by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust no less. The band themselves also have some pedigree to among their ranks, Guitarist Justin Green comes from goregrinders Septicemic Plague, on drums is John Edwards of Ex-Berkowitz and current BLOAT and on Bass and vox is Joe Adams of Ex-M.S.D, Murdersome and Appalling.

With a relentless sonic attack and ear-splitting vocal and drum combination, Dissrotter are preparing for their imminent rise up the death and crust ranks with Plague serving as the warning shot. It's currently free on Youtube (below) and Bandcamp so head over there and witness the chaos for yourselves and make a note of the name, you'll be seeing more from these guys we're sure.