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Introducing - Bednja: Croatian Black Metal meets Hardcore

Croatia's Bednja (named after a region of Croatia) formed in 2016 and recently signed to Transcending Obscurity Records, their debut album, Doline Su Ostale Iza Nas which translates roughly to Leaving The Valleys Behind Us hits shelves and platforms on November 29th and it's worth taking note.

Bednja is comprised of Nikola on guitars and vocals, Ivan on bass and vocal duties and

Petar behind drums, together they describe their sound as Black Hardcore but even with that self-styled title, Bednja's sound is one that's hard to explain, especially in text. While it's firmly rooted in Black Metal and this makes up the core of the band's style, it's not your standard Black Metal, obviously, it's not Scandinavian but it's styled in such a way yet at the same time has it's own 'wall of sound' approach to it.

Take all of this and blend it with a tempo change of the traditional punk based Hardcore drum beat and you're almost there. Just one more small ingredient to add in, a Shoegaze element that ties everything together, it shouldn't but it does and it does it really, really well.

Three of the six tracks from Doline Su Ostale Iza Nas can be streamed on Bednja's Bandcamp page and having heard the entire album in full ahead of release we'd recommend taking a look and laying a Pre-Order down to show some support for a truly unique band, one that's pushing boundaries and experimenting in places where others would maybe shy away.

It's fast becoming standard for Transcending Obscurity to put out premium products and this case is no different, the debut album is coming out with an 8 Panel Digi Pack, Metallic Paper, CD set as well as an autographed set.