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Inhuman Architects - Paradoxus: Review

Formed in 2020 by Fábio Infante (vocals) and Fábio Azevedo (guitars), Inhuman Architects are a deathcore outfit hailing from Portugal. The founding duo were later joined by Marcus Reis, Luis Almeida, and Emanuel Carmo and now assembled, they took to recording their first song 'Interplanetary Suffering', which released as a digital single and music video.

The debut track caught the attention of several labels, and eventually, the band signed a deal with Australia's Vicious Instinct Records. Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Titanforged Productions, Paradoxus features a revamped line-up that's now completed with the addition of Susana Gamito on bass and Marcus Reis on drums.

So what's on offer? In short, it's brutal Deathcore that taps into the likes of Aversions Crown, All Shall Perish or Oceano.

After a short intro, we are into the opening track 'Behold The Creator' which launches its double-barreled assault and doesn't let up for a single second, it's clear that this band wants your attention and they want it right now. The following track 'Defy The Gods' offers a tasty breakdown and it's clear from these early stages in the record that Inhuman Architects aren't going to fall into the all too familiar trap of having too many tracks that sound the same at the front of the album, with just the first two tracks you can begin to hear the range this band offers in the often confined space of Deathcore and it's this reason I drew the comparison to Aversion Crown at the top of this review (A band I feel also find space in Deathcore very well).

'Nephilim' has an infectious intro before all hell is let loose once more, this is a great choice for a lead single as it's one of the album's standout tracks, offering everything you'd want from a deathcore track and one I've afforded some extra spins too during my time with the record. The intergalactic, almost Lovecraftian themes are clear from the early stages of the record and continue strongly throughout, something that definitely appeals to me personally and suits the band's sound well when weaved into their lyrical content.

'Interplanetary Suffering' sounds just as its name suggests, another huge standout track, feeling like a cosmic assault capable of levelling a planet to its core and then some. The band plays around with some interesting guitar rhythms throughout the record which gives it its identity, all underpinned by the furious double pedal attack of the drum work, which itself is nicely broken up and doesn't become overwhelming. All this leads me to believe that Inhuman Architects have studied their genre before diving into it. 'Vortex' at the end of the album deserves a shout out as well, not settling to fade the album out, this one will not go quietly and 'Vortex' certainly demands to be played loud.

Paradoxus sounds like an album from a band that has been in the deathcore game for a long time, it's easy to forget this a debut LP when listening to it. Vicous Instinct is sure to have a heavy hit on their hands when this drops on July 16th, this isn't another flash in the pan album with one or two solid tracks, this record has weight, it has tight production, skilled musicianship and staying power. If you're big into your Deathcore, or even if you're just a casual listener, you'll want to be keeping an eye on this band as they grow.

RATING - 9/10

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