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Ingested - Where Only Gods May Tread: Review

Underground, UK death metal favorites Ingested have dropped their highly anticipated fifth album today, August 14th, Where Only Gods May Tread, via Unique Leader Records.

The album was put together with the band's long time producer and Cryptopsy guitarist Christian Donaldson. While engineering tasks were handled by Nico Beninato and band member Sam Yates at Foel Studios in Wales. Respected artist and Dan Seagrave who has worked with the likes of Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Hypocrisy, Entombed and Rivers Of Nihil to name but a few, provided the cover artwork.

From top to bottom Where Only Gods May Tread is a well put together album, from production to songwriting to imagery and delivery. It's been no secret that Ingested have had their sights firmly set on taking their brand of metal to the wider scene, having conquered the underground and amassed a legion of fans behind them. This album is the one to do just that, building on all the bands previous efforts, refining their sound with the help of a producer who understands what they are trying to convey, Ingested are all set to lay waste to the upper echelons of extreme metal.

Following the hype and the rise of the band, there were high expectations going into this, for reviewers, press, and fans who got their hands on the album this morning. Those expectations were met, this album is a rager from start to finish. Its quality is further cemented by guest appearances from Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain, Matt Honeycutt from Kublai Khan, and last but not lease Crowbar's Kirk Windstein.

As stated this is a top to bottom, heavy album that pulls no punches. Vocalist Jason Evans explores his range and pushes the boundaries resulting in some sickening vocals set to the devastatingly heavy or at times, haunting guitar work from Sam Yates and Sean Hynes. There's tons of weight provided by fill-in bassist Dominic Grimard (Ion Dissonance & The Last Felony) and Lyn Jeffs's assaulting drum and pedal work ensure every track hits its mark with velocity.

This is another record that's difficult to pick standout tracks to focus on, each one is it's own beast and offers its own unique quality, any track could be taken and worked as a standalone, Dead Seraphic Forms will most definitely be a fan favorite as it performed well as the lead single and featured a host of cameos in a lockdown video created for its release. Kirk Weinstein's work on Another Breath adds an entirely new dimension to the album also. Closing track Leap Of The Faithless clocks in at nearly ten minutes and brings things to an end superbly.

If you're not familiar with Ingested, this album is a good jumping on point as it's come at that is likely to be a turning point in their career, check it out and then explore the rest of the back catalog to really understand the band's progression and why they are rightly touted as one of the most exciting death metal bands on the circuit today.

Overall 10/10