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Indica Blues - We Are Doomed: Review

Budding four-piece psychedelic doom project, Indica Blues who hail from Oxford, UK, and are set to release their first record since signing to APF Records. We Are Doomed draws heavily from current events, including the global pandemic and political upheaval in the West, they use these vessels of inspiration to paint a picture of everything coming to a head in a white-hot blast of a nuclear exchange.

This has become a theme with some heavier bands on their own recent releases, Infiltration, and Cytotoxin to name just two but it's not a theme often explored through psychedelic doom and desert rock. Though the subject matter is glum the music Indica Blues throws down is anything but.

We Are Doomed channels the finest blues-infused doom riffs, wraps them in some fuzz, and turns up the heat. If you have any love for the likes of The Sword, QOTSA, or Truckfighters then this is an album you won't want to sleep on. The tracks are lengthy, expertly constructed, and well delivered. You've never had so much fun listening to such freighting possibilities, at least if the nuclear apocalypse does come, you'll have a damn fine soundtrack to go out too.

Standout tracks include the groove-driven opener 'Inhale' which is a real mover with its impossibly catching hooks and riffs. The title track We Are Doomed with its chilling opening sample that leads into a beautiful psych/doom riff backed up by a tonnage of bass. Then there is 'Cosmic Nihilism' a tripped-out six-minute-long journey through an irradiated wasteland.

This really is an album of contrasts, while the subject matter is certainly dark and foreboding, the music is expertly put together and delivers such dire situations in an upbeat and feverishly catching way.

Rating 7/10

We Are Doomed Releases February 12th via PAF Records