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If success will come, we want to deserve it! - Kalahari speaks to Metal Saves.

A short while ago we reviewed, the new EP Theia from Italian metallers Kalahari, this week the band were kind enough to sit down and answer some questions to help you get to know them better and find out just what they are all about and what the future holds.

MS - For anyone who hasn't heard your music, How would you describe your sound? Do you attach yourselves to any specific sub-genre?

This is a hot question for us! And the answer is no, not necessarily. We have so many different influences that it becomes pretty hard to label us. There are definitely deathy and groovy vibes in our metal, but we don't want to prevent ourselves from experimenting by locking our band in a specific sub-genre. We are a Heavy Metal band, period!

MS - The name of your new EP Theia, refers to the Greek titan, the mother of destruction and creation, what was the idea behind this as a title and a concept?

Another great question! Thanks for asking. So, inspiration for this concept came from our guitarist Gabri first. He read something on the internet about the "theory of the giant impact" and inspired by that he wrote most of the riffs of the song. The rest of the concept was laid out by the whole band later on.

MS - A lot of bands find themselves in difficult positions right now due to global events, how has the pandemic impacted you as a band? 

Lack of live shows. That is the most difficult thing to give up for us. Even for the release of Theia, we had planned a few shows, an awesome "Release party"... For a while, we couldn't even rehearse. On the other hand, we did a lot of introspection, which really helped understanding what we want to do with this band and we found ourselves more determined than ever.

We did a lot of introspection, which really helped understanding what we want to do with this band and we found ourselves more determined than ever.

MS - Along the same lines, has the pandemic had a negative effect on the release of Theia?

This is the first record we really push for, so, to be honest with you, we are not sure! We believe that some things could have gone better without the pandemic and maybe for other aspects we had more time to focus on this thing. We guess we'll never know.

MS - Do you have any touring plans once the world returns to normal?

Let's say we are looking into it, but we'll have to be patient for a while, we believe.

MS - Are there any plans for a full-length LP that you can tell us about?

Nice to see you are curious! We are not sure what our next record will be yet. Making an LP would be awesome for sure. We can tell you that we have many new songs already and they are freaking bangers. Heavy stuff. Keep your ears open.

MS - Can you describe the typical writing process for the band? Both music and lyrics. 

We are a very young band, but we are getting to know ourselves and we believe we found our way of doing things lately. Usually, someone in the band brings an idea, not just a riff, but something that has more juice to it: a song, or a concept. Then we rehearse and we bring that idea up to task altogether. When Nico writes lyrics he catches a feeling or an image and he builds upon that. He loves to create intricate metaphors.

MS - What influences do you draw from during the creation process of your music?

Definitely our favourite bands, but also art, literature, contemporary social events. We like to reflect, think altogether.

If success will come, we want to deserve it!

MS - How is the metal scene in Italy? 

To define it with two words: big and dispersive. There are many good bands buried in the underground, but there are also many that don't really care much. Also, metal remains out of the mainstream Italian channels, so it's all about digging and discovering, but not every fan is up to it.

MS - We mentioned in our review that you are part of the growing list of young and exciting metal bands on the rise, what are your plans for the future? 

Thank you so much for the review and for putting us on that list. You make us proud. Our plans? Keep making the music we love, keep hustling and making our family grow stronger. We want to bring our music around the world, without cutting corners. If success will come, we want to deserve it!

MS - Where can readers find out more about you? 

Metalheads! You can definitely check out our Bandcamp, where you can find the most insight about us and you can actually support us. Then come hang with us on our social pages: Instagram, Facebook: And do not forget to watch our videos or listen to our music! YouTube, Spotify

A huge thank you to Kalahari for taking the time to answer our questions!