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I Am Destruction - Nascency: Review

Pulverising brutal death metal merchants from Texas I Am Destruction are set to unleash their debut full-length album Nascency on April 24th via Unique Leader Records, continuing the trend of incredibly strong releases from the label recently. Nascency is as heavy as you want, opening with a horror movie-style intro which is unsettling but to be frank wroth skipping after a few spins of the album. Things kick into gear with Propagated By Abnormality before shifting effortlessly to Ruinous Phantasm which is sure to demolish even hardened pit warriors at live shows.

Consequent Forfeiture and Gehenna's Beckoning absolutely stand out as heavy hitters too and both slam hard and that's not to mention how much of a heavyweight the title track is when it lands to close the record. Everything is executed with surgical precision and has weight behind it, be the guitar work, thunderous bass, drums or vocals. There are some nice, subtle production choices littered throughout that also give the album polish and identity. The album chugs, slams, attacks and excels in all the right places, the guitar tones are crunchy, the drums fire at the pace of a scored devil and the vocals are as guttural and deep as you could imagine. For a band that started originally as a one-man project, I Am Destruction have grown into a formidable force about to let loose its full fury on the world of extreme metal. Be sure to check out Nascency, strap yourself and let this album hit you with everything it has. This is one that will be on repeat for a long time and is worthy of a lengthy, devastating tour to back it up, here's to hoping.

Rating 9/10

Nascency releases April 24th Via Unique Leader Records