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Horror God - Cursed Seeds: Review

Russian death metal outfit Horror God have dropped Cursed Seeds, their third full-length album via Laverdome Productions.

Reminiscent of older Nile releases in places, Cursed Seeds is an overall pulverising ride of death metal that’s technical in some places and perfectly simple in others. Age Of Madness is one showcase track, with its catchy opening, gut-busting growls and overall relentless vibe punish you as it attempts to decimate your speakers.

Face Of War is another standout track worthy of a mention, it’s hazy opening leads gradually into a downbeat, heavy, riff-filled madness only exacerbated by blast beats and drum rolls before it grinds back down with a slower tempo shift.

If you like your death metal a little on the technical side but also experimental and most certainly off the wall, then Horror God is for you, especially Cursed Seeds. What’s been delivered here is a tight and concise record that while it only delivers seven tracks, each one is a prime cut of the brutality that Horror God can craft, the album really doesn't need anything more.

It’s shorter run time and well-oiled pace earn Cursed Seeds a slot in your collection, and your daily shuffle. The band are also asking a reasonable price too so it’s a little lighter on the wallet and worth a listen or two.

Head over to Bandcamp to pick up the album or stream it on Spotify

Rating 7/10