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Hellhookah - The Curse: Review

Listening to the new release, The Curse from Lithuanian doom unit Hellhookah, you'd be understood in thinking they were made up of a full complement of band members, the standard bass, guitar, drummer and vocalist, but you'd be wrong. Hellhookah is a two-piece, a damn good sounding two-piece as well I might add.

The Curse is the band's second full-length release, following on from 2015's debut effort, Endless Serpents and shows that Arnas (guitars/bass/vocals) and Gintarė (drums) can hang with the best of them. This is a superbly solid album, well put together and strong sounding. Guitar and bass tones are well balanced with just the right amount of fuzz and distortion between them, it's not overpowering and gives the entire record a consistent, hazy feel. The drum work is also well-executed, it's not overpowering or unnecessarily complex, instead, it acts as the perfect accompaniment, not trying to overshadow the rest of the sound but still holding its own in its role.

To draw comparisons, in places the album brings to mind the likes of Sleep, 'Greed and Power' being one track in particular, in another, we get hints of Pentagram on 'Sacrifice' along with a mixture of other influences, subtly paid tribute to but never fully taken from, adding to the integrity of the record. There is also an appeal to those who may not listen to a large amount of stoner or doom bands, fans of classic rock such as Sabbath or Deep Purple will also get a kick out of this album.

The future of heavy music seems secure as The Curse adds itself to the growing list of stong, early life releases from young bands that have come out recently.

Overall: 8/10