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Gentihaa - Reverse Entropy: Review

Greece has a habit of spawning quality metal bands, Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh and Kawir for instance. Now there is a new name to add to the list, Gentihaa

While their debut album only dropped in September 2019, Gentihaa have a stellar pedigree, frontman Andre Boutos has worked in both Sonata Antarctica and Project Theory, drummer Merenhor has applied his trade to Diablery and bassist Beheaal has previously worked in Memorain, together they team up with lead guitarist Ros Dracul to form Gentihaa. Their music is a combination of extreme and melodic metal, complemented by symphonic orchestral arrangements and atmospheric soundscapes, one could argue there is even a little bit of Power Metal flavour in the mix.

The band recently signed with Symmetric Records to distribute their self proclaimed fantasy-themed, symphonic death/black metal with Reverse Entropy being the first taste. Produced by Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Serious Black) and mixed by Fotis Benardo (Septic Flesh) the semi-conceptual album weaves a story apparently found within a novel that had been buried in a deep, dark corner of the internet. The story tells of 8 pills which give different superpowers to eight individuals once they are discovered and consumed. These powers lead the group to a distant future world, only for them to find out that the Earth is long dead. All of them try to reverse the entropy (hence the title) with the help of a character called the Master (Told on track, Alpha) and through the guidance of The One (Track, Singularity).

So what does all of this actually sound like? Pretty damn good actually, looking beyond the storyline and concept of the album, Reverse Entropy is well pieced together record. While the band claim to have black metal elements they are hard to pick out other than one or two riffs, they have more of a blackened sound, there are definitely roots of death metal on display at the forefront however. Boutos' delivers operatic vocals that spiral into metallic growls, blending well with the cutting riffs.

Storytelling is obviously important to a conceptual album and the theme is conveyed well, the lyrics are easy to discern, not buried in deep guttural death growls or black metal shrieks. It feels like I have been saying "This band sound truly unique" a lot lately but it's true once again in this sense. The title of fantasy-themed black and death metal is maybe a slight injustice to the range Gentihaa can reach. There are influences of power and epic metal in here, flashes of black and death of course but also folk and NWOBH if you want to really drill down into it.

However you define it, Reverse Entropy is a solid record, it can be cranked up loud or played in the background. Either way, it's sound is enjoyable, fresh and a little different to what you may expect.

To whet your appetite check out the official video for Alpha below, then head over to the Bandcamp page and grab a copy of the album.

Rating 7/10