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Gatecreeper - Deserted: Review

Arizonan death metal battalion Gatecreeper have today released their second full-length record on Relapse titled Deserted following up the popular 2016 debut, Sonoran Depravation.

Deserted picks up where Gatecreeper left off last time around and gets things kicked off in the best possible way with the huge title track. From its foreboding doom entrance that leads into harmonic guitars before giving way to Chase Manson’s deep and furious growls (that remain constant thought out the record). It’s a heavy, circle pit inducing ride from the very beginning.

Trying to pick out strong tracks on an album full of heavyweight’s is no easy task but Boiled, Everlasting and the bonus track Anxiety are all worth pointing out as hard hitters. The whole feel of Deserted is murky, crushing and brutal. No punches are pulled from start to finish and things only let up briefly for Absence Of Light with its gloomy, atmospheric opening before turning into a full death/doom juggernaut.

The album maintains it’s pace well and lends itself to being thrown on repeat for a good few spins, it’s not an album that you’ll easily get bored of any time soon. Each track maintains the identity of the overall album and in few years you’ll be able to tell which album certain tracks are pulled from and this is important, especially for bands with their entire careers ahead of them.

Nothing is overproduced on Deserted everything holds it’s rough edge in a deliberate way, adding a nice, gritty crust to everything. Manson’s vocals as we mentioned are constantly guttural and ferocious, there is an underpinning feeling of savagery to the record that’s brought to life by the down-tuned guitar work, much like what was evident on Sonoran Depravation.

If Gatecreeper can continue to produce tight and polished death metal records like this then we are excited to see what the band evolves into.

Deserted is out now on Relapse Records

Rating 9/10