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Foretoken - Ruin: Quickfire Review

Foretoken take symphonic death/black metal to a new level on their debut album, Ruin which releases May 1st, with a focus on re-telling myths and folklore from around the world with an extreme soundtrack.

Sounding like a mash-up of Black Dhalia Murder and Cradle of Filth Foretaken set the scene alight with their finely tuned sound and overall energy that is unleased like an atom bomb on this record. It's incredibly listenable on every spin and can serve as a backdrop for most situations, be it listening with intent or playing in the background, the mark of any good album.

The music itself is tight, frantic guitar riffs duel with well-executed orchestral strings that don't overstep their mark or outstay their welcome, all backed up by drums that could easily sit on an early Bodom record.

Even at six tracks, this is a lengthy listen, no flash in the pan blasts of good metal but rather a well-presented walk through mythology at a good pace, all the while still blisteringly heavy. For an early release in the band's career, this sets the bar high for future releases and if there is more in store of this calibre you can count us in.

Rating 9/10