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Extreme Nation Documentary Launches On Vimeo For Captive Audiences

As mentioned in previous posts, most of us are currently stuck at home and while we recommend you dig through some new music and support your favourite bands we'd also like to post something a little different to keep you entertained during this difficult time.

That's why we'd like to draw your attention to Extreme Nation, a new documentary by filmmaker Roy Dipankar that focuses on the underground metal scene of the Indian subcontinent. The film is live now on Vimeo and can be rented for a modest price.

The team behind the film told the press...

“After much contemplation, we, the producers of the film, decided to release the movie online for people to watch, especially during these testing times for humanity. The whole world is hooked on digital content and wants to know what's happening around them, hence we decided now is the time.

Producer and Director – Roy Dipankar added, “I have been personally talking to a few OTT platforms and agencies regarding the film for some time. However, due to too many mandates & constraints on content towards an underground film, in spite of a great international premiere and seemingly decent interest, the release got further delayed at home. On the other hand, we've been receiving viewing requests every week from around the globe. Hence, without further ado, I am super excited to share this work with the fans, music and film enthusiasts, as they've been patiently and ardently waiting for the film!”

The film is available now worldwide, so why not check it out at the link below?