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Exocrine - Maelstrom: Early Review

The fourth album, Maelstrom from French tech-death crew Exocrine hits so hard right out of the gate that the notes regarding the very first listen of the first track start with Machine-gun drums, intense technicality and Earth-shattering slams and it only continues from there.

Amongst the fury is intersecting electronics, which when reading you could be forgiven for rolling your eyes but trust us, it works here and isn't overdone, they only add to the music and take nothing away.

A better name couldn't have been picked for this record as you're sonically buffeted by a tempest of crushing metallic guitar work, the aforementioned electronics (as well as some other unexpected additions which we'll leave as a surprise if you're new to the band), this is truly the perfect storm of tech-death.

Tracks such as Wall of Water and Abyssal Flesh bleed into each other seamlessly as they relentlessly hammer home every note and drum kick. There are overtones of both biblical portion storms (hence the title) an science fiction, both fusing well. The Wrecker is a prime example of this with its heavy leaning into abstract production.

First and foremost though, his is a metal album from a metal band, there can be no question about that it just chooses to approach things from a different angle and when you look at the likes of Obscura or Rivers of Nihil it's not a bad thing to think outside the box meaning Exocrine are among good company.

If you're a fan of tech-death, avant-garde metal or deathcore then there is something here for you with this release, Maelstrom drops June 26th via Unique Leader Records, pre-orders can be made here

Overall 8/10