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Exhumed - Horror: Review

Gore drenched death metallers Exhumed today released new album Horror on Relapse records, complete with incredible 80’s VHS ascetic cover art.

Horror is as fast-selling as it is fast-paced with physical limited editions flying off of shelves. This is pure, balls to the wall death metal, just as you’d expect from Exhumed, but one curveball is that only a single track, the bonus Re-Entry And Destruction runs for over 3 minutes. Everything else is shorter than that, much shorter in the case of Utter Mutilation Of Your Corpse clocking in at just seven seconds and Dead Meat with hits thirty-three seconds making the album reminiscent of Napalm Death’s 1987 classic Scum.

The short run time of the tracks doesn't mean they aren't all fleshed out and well constructed because they are, Red Death which is one of the longest-running tracks is an instant Exhumed staple and repeat worthy song. Ripping Death threatens to render your sound system destroyed and Naked Screaming And Covered In Blood hits like a bloodstained sledgehammer straight to the cranium and has scaled to the top spot of the band’s streaming list.

Overall Horror captures everything great about over the top death metal as a whole and Exhumed themselves as a band, this really feels like an album they really wanted to make and is the perfect follow up to Death Revenge which also featured the 80’s Horror vibe that is so prominent here.

Horror is out now via Relapse Records

Rating 9/10