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Exhumed/Gruesome - Twisted Horror: Review

It's this website's opinion that there are far too few splits produced nowadays, luckily Exhumed and Gruesome have come together to compose Twisted Horror together. A short burst of dirty death metal from two of the current genre leaders. That's a more impressive statement when you learn or remember that both bands come from the mind of one man, Matt Harvey.

The split is made up of five tracks, three of which are from Harvey's lead project, Exhumed with the remaining two handled by Gruesome. That's not the only place the EP is off-balance though, as the Exhumed tracks are of slightly better quality than the two Gruesome efforts, they aren't bad tracks just when stacked up alongside Harvey's main musical focus there is a clear difference. Whether by design or not is a discussion for another time. There is a little less polish on the Gruesome tracks and the whole vibe of the record changes dramatically when the furious, lighting paced, technical metal from Exhumed ends and makes way for slower-paced, less complex tracks.

The Exhumed tracks are vintage for the band and are made up of the usual tight production and musicianship that the band are known for. The Gruesome tracks, as alluded too are a little less fleshed out, it would have been nice to have an equal number and allow the side project to stretch it's legs a little, in a way it almost feels like they were an afterthought when it should have been a more symmetrical deal, maybe a straight Exhumed EP would have been a better idea? Again this may all sound like heavy criticism towards Gruesome but it's not, this is more of an attempt to point out the difference between the two when they share a tracklist, as standalone tracks 'A Mind Decayed' and 'Led Into The Dark' would be passable, maybe material more fitting for deep cuts or bonus tracks but they wouldn't be overshadowed by Exhumed at least.

To sum up, this isn't a bad split by any means, it's perfectly listenable and enjoyable, it's bee spun many a time since release here and not just for the purposes of this review. It's competent and well produced it's just lacking that little bit of edge on the deep end, overall it's worth your time if you like either of these bands or death metal in general and you aren't too picky about your sub-genres, it can be picked up now via Relapse Records and throwing a few pennies both bands way right now wouldn't be a bad thing.

Overall 3/5 - (EP's Rated out of Five)