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Eternal Armageddon - In Light In Dark In Hate: Review

While things out in the world at the of writing may not be normal right now, something that has remained consistent is that early springtime is release season and new music keeps coming thick and fast.

Blackened thrash trio, Eternal Armageddon from Dhaka, Bangladesh have just released their debut full length, In Light In Dark In Hate on the masses, the objective being to transcend their loyal and rabid local following and get their name outside of the country.

Their brand of black thrash harkens memories of early Sodom or Nifelheim, the black metal screeching vocals and fast-paced, tight, thrash riffs that also draw from the playbook of bay area legends such as Slayer. This debut full length follows up their demo, Black Thrash Bastards released in 2015.

This new record is consistent, well put together and an enjoyable listen. Eternal Armageddon mix high energy thrash with dark and gloomy black metal imagery and vocals to create a well-presented package of blackened thrash to rival more established bands. Guitar work on tracks such as 'Hate Reincarnated' and 'Hazam the Black Reaper' show off the range and skill, capturing a pure thrash sound and feel. The drum and bass work on title track 'In Light In Dark In Hate' is enough to induce a circle pit wherever it's played.

Originally distributed to fans in the Dhaka are on CDR this is the re-mastered version of the album and dropped this week independently, you can pick up your copy here.

Overall 7/10