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Entombed A.D. - Bowels of the Earth: Review

Entombed AD continue their revival with a third studio album, following up 2016’s Dead Dawn. You should already know exactly what to expect from Entombed A.D and this studio effort is no exception.

Bowels of the Earth rips through it’s 36 minute run time and doesn't pull a single punch in the process, hitting like a super heavyweight. Each track is punchy, ferocious, circle pit inducing death metal that you can really sink your teeth into. Even when the pace slows on the final track, To Eternal Night it’s still heavy, soaked in gloom and well executed.

Bourbon Nightmare is one of the most memorable tracks on the album and is sure to get live crowds whipped into a frenzy, this is alongside the singles released ahead of the album, Elimination and the excellent Torment Remains which opens the record and is the strongest track here.

Nothing is to be taken away from the rest of the album however, as mentioned it hits hard in all the right places and the tour cycle should flatten arenas. If Fit For A King doesn't cause carnage in the pit live then nothing will.

Purists may disagree but in my personal opinion, the three albums published under the Entombed A.D brand are some of the best work LG Petrov has produced, but that’s a debate for another day.

Bowels of the Earth is out now on Nuclear Blast Records

Rating 7/10