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Editorial: Heavy Music During Crisis

2020 has been a tough year for all to say the very least, I, for one, am really bored of the situation now, that doesn't mean I’m not being responsible and safe of course but the restrictions and lockdowns are starting to grate on me and my psyche but I’m sure I’m not the only one and I know others are struggling too. So before we get into the meat of this editorial I’d like to shout out to all of you hanging in there through these awful times, things will get better, it just takes time, stay positive, stay safe, and stay strong my friends.

On the subject of time and as we progress towards the new year it appears that it will be much of the same for at least a short while, this means that live music is still going to be taking a hit, and artists of all levels are still going to be facing difficulties. No tours mean no income for almost all bands who are now relying on selling merch and hosting online shows, the latter having seemingly split some fanbases in pro and anti virtual show camps.

Despite all this, bands and labels have stood strong and supported each other and fans have come together to chip in where they can. 2020 has seen a ton of incredible releases from bands and artists of all sizes and backgrounds, it seems nothing can truly hold back music, not even a global health emergency. A huge amount of credit needs to be given to Producers, Labels, and Studios for their efforts this year, we see you!

Some records that dropped this year were of course completed before the Pandemic took its full grip on the world and only their promotion was really impacted (which isn’t to be taken lightly), some were finished up during lockdowns and others were even written and recorded during the length crisis so far. No matter the circumstances all releases for this year deserve that extra bit of credit and appreciation.

With the odds against it, the metal world (and music as a whole) has stood strong and put quality material out there. It will soon be time for album of the year shortlists to be completed up and down the metal blogosphere and magazine space and I have already submitted my pick for a Rock and Metal focused publication, my pick for right here on Metal Saves will be different to that in two ways.

One, compared to other platforms I am involved with I tend to focus on the heavier side of metal and the more underground bands but with Metal Saves being solely my project, I can expand the range of picks.

Two, I will be picking more than one “Album of the Year”, I know that sounds odd so we’ll treat it as a Top 5 Albums of 2020 if you like, a lot of this is based on not only the wealth of great records that came out this year but factors in the above points of bands preserving through adversity.

With that, be on the lookout for the Albums of the Year round-up in the coming weeks, continue to support the artists you love, and keep checking in with me here on Metal Saves, all your support is hugely appreciated.

Jay B