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Dopelord - Sign Of The Devil: Review

When it comes to stoner metal there is no question that Dopelord are one of the shining examples of the genre. Released via Green Plague Records, a label the band themselves have a hand in operating, Sign Of The Devil is the band's fourth release and is possibly their best work since their excellent 2017 effort Children Of The Haze.

This new record follows the trend set by its predecessors with a short tracklist but is none the less is filled with hazy goodness. Opening with the trudging rhythm of The Witching Hour Bell the scene is set for a darker, more satanic vibe, as given away by the album's title. The tracks here feel a little darker as the band embrace and lean into the occult a little more than on previous releases, the darkness has always been there of course but it's brought more to the forefront on this release.

Hail Satan hammers home this point, unapologetically hailing the dark one himself throughout the track, it's sludgy, it's doomy, it's everything you'd want from Dopelord on a Satan-worshipping kick. Doom Bastards is probably the biggest standout, while it alters the tempo and chooses to slow things down at first with a more spaced-out vibe until the last quarter of the track (which runs close to ten minutes) where things pick up speed again and bring the whole thing home in a concerto of fuzz and noise.

Overall the album is exactly what you'd expect from Dopelord and that's in no way a negative. Dopelord are masters of their craft and as mentioned, one of the leading projects in stoner metal today so you know when they release something it's going to possess a level of high quality, Sign Of The Devil absolutely has this same level of quality to it and should be considered one of their standout releases.

Overall: 9/10