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Destruction - Born to Perish: Review

Dependable German thrashers Destruction are back with a brand new album, Born to Perish which has already achieved international chart success. The record has reached #9 in the UK, #13 in the United States and #26 in their native Germany, also entering charts in Canada, Switzerland, Belgium and France.

Destruction are nothing if not consistent with their music and Born to Perish delivers unapologetic, balls to the wall thrash with a touch of social commentary, Fatal Flight 17 for instances addresses the tragic loss of Malaysia Flight MH17, not something you’d expect going into a Destruction album but it works and is done so tastefully.

Nothing is done by half on this album, each track is tight, heavy and attacked with expert precision and proves why Destruction should be taken seriously when considering thrash bands outside of the big four.

Tracks Butchered for Life and We Breed Evil are standouts delivering some of the bigger riffs and pace on the record but there is no filler here. Born to Perish is undoubtedly one of Destruction's strongest albums of their modern era and deserves the chart success it has earned so far.

Metal is going from strength to strength right now and Destruction are adding their name to the list of acts currently invading the charts worldwide.

Born to Perish is available now on Nuclear Blast

Rating 8.5/10