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Defiled - Infinite Regress: Review

One of Japan's most underrated death metal acts Defiled released their sixth studio album Infinite Regress this month and it's a rager.

Japan has a strong metal scene as we all know and twenty-five-year veterans, Defiled are near the top of the pile even if they haven't quite broken through on a large scale in the West yet. Their blend of fundamental death and technical metal also incorporates grind elements giving their sound some extreme weight.

Infinite Regress was touted as an early contender for one of 2020's best albums and it seems the hype was real. This record is a pure treat for death metal fans and as mentioned, Defiled are criminally under-appreciated amongst Western audiences so if you haven't given them a listen before, this record is a great jumping-on point.

Everything on Infinite Regress is tightly produced and well-engineered, the whole atmosphere of the album is of the purest, claustrophobic and sinister death metal and pays homage to the masters of the genre in Defiled's own way. It's lengthy run time and incredible artwork create the total package and continues the band's trend of producing excellent artwork with their releases.

Standout tracks include Slaverobot, Divide & Conquer, Aftermath and Invisible War but that's taking nothing away from the remainder of the packed tracklist. Hopefully, Infinite Regress will be the defining album that finally puts Defiled on the wider metal map which would well deserved and overdue.

Infinite Regress is out now via Season of Mist

Overall 9/10