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Deception - The Mire: Review

Founded in 2012, Norway's Deception is a four-piece group from the Stavanger, area of the country. You may see their sound described in promo material as, "Potent combination of feral death-metal of Hypocrisy, the melodic dexterity of Darkane and epic atmosphere of Septic Flesh". Now, usually, I tend to draw my own comparisons based on my own listening experience and opinions but every now and then the promo material completely nails down a band's sound. Deception sound exactly like an amalgamation of those aforementioned bands, and by the God's does it work!

For more background, Deception have shared the road and stage with bands such as Testament, Insomnium, Nile, and fellow Stavanger natives, Kvelertak. They have two full-length albums and two EP's under their belt and these have formed strong links within both the Scandanavian and wider European metal scenes. Deception are not your typical, "newcomer" or "rising star", they set out from day one with a tight and developed sound and have only built on that becoming stronger and stronger going into the release of The Mire, (out now via Rob Mules Records) marking this as arguably their strongest release to date. The record features guest appearances from Teemu Mäntysaari of Wintersun, and the phenomenal guitarist Attila Vörös (Satyricon, Nevermore, Tyr and Sanctuary).

The Mire is a mile-a-second surge through brutal death metal drums, melodic and face tearing guitar work, crushing bass lines, and symphonic backing, all uniting to form an album worth its weight in gold. For only the third offering from Deception, The Mire has set the bar for what's to come from this band. If you value Death Metal to any degree then this is not a record nor a band to be slept on.

If future releases continue to build on this already epic foundation then Deception are going to make headlines across the length and breadth of the metalsphere, much like their Norse ancestors, you'll be hard to find a corner of the metal world untouched by their influence.

Rating 10/10