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Death Perception - Ashes: Review

Death Perception are a no-nonsense, modern death metal outfit who formed in 2012. They have two independent releases to their name so far and a brand new album, Ashes due out via Wormholedeath Records on June 18th 2021.

The first thing I can tell you about Ashes is that it doesn't waste your time, things get kicked off with sledgehammer heavy tracks that drive home the bands ultra-accessible yet still brutal death metal sound. Things proceed throughout the album in much the same way, no track overstays its welcome and each is different from the last giving the record an overall sense of both progression and range.

The drum work is as punishing as you'd want, backed up by some incredibly metallic bass tones, fiendishly fast guitar riffs and delivery of devilish screams and growls, Death Perception are a complete package producing competent death metal that's not only aimed at the diehards,

Does Ashes break new ground in the genre? No, but it doesn't need to, the record knows exactly who it is and what's it's about and it delivers on that superbly. A very listenable and (as alluded to) accessible modern death metal record that pulls no punches and doesn't try to be anything that it's not, this a wholesome, enjoyable album that will appeal to fans at almost any position on the death and extreme metal spectrum.

Stand out tracks have to be 'The Kill'. 'Bleed To Death', 'Scars Over Skin', and 'War' with that last being incredibly catchy, verging almost on groove metal similar to Satyricon, a comparison I don't make lightly.

I always enjoy, solid releases from new or fairly new bands and this being Death Perceptions third release it's an exciting one. This feels like a band who have an overflowing arsenal of riffs and song ideas that they will be polishing and laying down for years to come and with the right exposure and live presence we could be seeing a lot more of them. While naysayers try to promote the idea that heavy music is dead or on its last legs it's hard to understand when there are a plethora of new and exciting bands out there breathing life into the scene, Death Perception can now count itself among them.

Rating 7/10