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Death Chamber - Experiments In Warfare: Review

Hailing from deepest, darkest Germany, Death Chamber have unleashed upon the world a new EP of crushing, thick and heavy death metal played at frantic speeds and with zero consideration for your eardrums or your health.

Out now via Dead Centre Productions, Experiments In Warefare sounds exactly like that, furious, heavy-hitting and unsettling in places, this quick-fire EP comprising of six tracks starts out heavy and refuses to relent, circle pit inducing drum lines, dizzying, face-melting guitar work lay the foundation while the vocals punish the weak-willed.

Originally conceived as a solo project by guitarist "Tim" the band has since evolved and grown with the help of positive reception from listeners and the wider metal community, now a three-piece plus a live bassist for shows, Death Chamber are set to embark on their death metal rampage with the fury of a thousand howitzers.

Experiments In Warfare is a great listen for fans of fast-tempo death metal, blackened death and old school death you'll find a bit of everything here. An enjoyable EP and a good marker for the range of the band, in the future it will be interesting to see how the band can branch out and mix things up, one tempo, all-out speeding death metal is all well and good but it feels like this band is capable of more and hopefully, this will be explored on their first full-length release, whenever that may come. For now, though, Death Chamber's flag has been thrust into the sands of the metal battlefield and they are well worth checking out at this early stage in the career.


Rating: 7/10