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Corrupt Moral Altar are primed to release brutal new EP Nov 27th

Unhinged, uncompromising, and unapologetic, are just three words that can sum up the new EP from Liverpool based Corrupt Moral Altar, who feature Napalm Death live guitarist John Cooke.

The new release, aptly named Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things is heading your way on November 27th via the ever growing APF records, and it's a rager! Five tracks of in-your-face insanity akin to Nails or Incendiary but with added blast beats.

In the promo for the record vocalist Chris Reese had this to say, 'Yeah we have been quiet for a while but that’s life and we had shit to do BUT we are back now and with some powerfully ignorant songs for truly ignorant times.

Let’s face it, the world looks pretty bleak at the moment. We were inspired by recent events to write songs that reflect the absurd and surreal landscape we are experiencing so right now feels like the perfect time for CMA.

We are ever the optimists in CMA so the future holds more music and back to playing live which we all miss. Just like you, we are Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things.”

With that said, Patiently Waiting For Wonderful Things is just the middle finger and punch to face that 2020 needs in its final months.

Check out the video for 'Maximum Bastardry’ below.

Head over to APF Records to pre-order your copy now,