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Cavedweller Drop New Heavy-Hitting Single, Slow Death

Cavedweller is an up and coming four piece, hardcore, groove outfit from a small town in New Brunswick, Canada. Consisting of Cujo Bonvie (vocals), Alex Sturgeon (bass), Sam Brown (drums), and Brad Kenny (guitar),

According to the band, Brown and Sturgeon used to play together in another local act by the name of Blueprints, and Bonvie was a regular at local shows and played in a number of local bands too, add Kenny into the mix and the band just clicked giving birth to Cavedweller.

In 2019, the band recorded and released their demo 'Free-Sushi' which was followed up in 2020 with the EP 'Primal' which has been well received. The varied range of influence on the band is evident through their sound with elements of hardcore, punk, deathcore, and a little bit of prog-metal, and the final result is best suited for fans of Chelsea Grin, Whitechapel, and Traitors (in the bands own words).

Cavedweller have already played with several bands in their so far, short lifespan, and expects to have a full length out by the end of 2021, so fingers crossed we see that!

Slow Death is energetic, crushing, and downright fun, laden with groove riffs yet packing the punch the likes of Nails or Converge would endorse. This is a great sample of the band's sound, check it out below via the video that premiered with the good folks over at The Circle Pit, then check out the previous EP and get ready for this band's bright future.