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Brotthogg - The Die Is Cast: Review

There is a lot of noise when it comes to competing bands in the underground black and death metal scene, so much so that it can be somewhat of a chore to pick out those bands who actually do bring something new to the table or who have a fresh and unique sound amongst their peers and rivals.

Norway’s Brotthogg are one such band, their addictive take on melodic black metal dashed with some thrash and death elements makes for quite the listen. Their second album The Die Is Cast is set for release on August 1st, a follow up to the widely well-received 2019 debut, Echoes of the Past.

Hailing from the home of extreme metal Brotthogg conjure up that familiar dark Scandinavian imagery that accompanies their music, part chaos and part melodic, this is a well-balanced record with plenty to offer even the most sceptic of listeners, those who may not always lean towards the black and white world of extreme black metal.

Much like their homeland Brotthogg’s music is as beautiful as it is dramatic, with comparisons being drawn to Satryicon, Behemoth and Emperor, the latter being a major influence. There is everything here from the marauding opening track “Nokturne” to the haunting “Draugen” and the heavy hitters like “Forlis” and “Resurrection” this album refuses to stay in one gear and instead leads you on a journey through the band's wide range and ability.

Make no mistakes, if Brotthogg continues on this path and continue to forge their sound in this way then it won’t be long before they are an established name amongst the titans of blackened metal.

Overview 9/10