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Blood Incantation - Hidden History Of The Human Race: Review

One of the years most anticipated underground death metal releases is finally here. The seemingly limitless talent of Blood Incantation is evident again with this healthy serving of cosmic death metal from the Colorado underground, brought straight to your ears by Dark Descent Records.

Hidden History Of The Human Race only holds four tracks, this much is true, however, each one is bursting at the seams with technicality, atmosphere and imagery. It's somewhat like listening to a H.P Lovecraft or a seventies Science-Fiction novel in musical form (complete with retro sci-fi album art). The tracks range in length with the shortest being around five and half minutes and the longest clocking in at eighteen minutes, this is far from a sparse album despite how it may look upon first glance.

Opening with Slave Species To The Gods followed by The Giza Power Plant these two tracks rip and tear their way along boasting technical parts, jazz-influenced bass and blast beats. Lyrically the album dives headfirst into deep philosophical themes, talking about mankind's endless cycle of being born only to simply die and repeat. There is talk of cosmic beings creating life and man's weakness in comparison to these 'gods', all this is in addition to portals and human transcendence into the cosmos.

The instrumental Inner Paths (To Outer Space) bridges the gap at the midway point and offers a dreamlike soundscape bristling with Science-Fiction imagery that creates an immersive experience before we launch into the final and longest-running track with an equally long title, Awakening From The Dream Of Existence To The Multidimensional Nature Of Our Reality (Mirror Of The Soul). This is where things really get interesting, Blood Incantation takes full advantage of the extended run time to play about with things. The brutal death metal is only the foundation as sci-fic/stoner vibes creep in as well as again the jazz-tinged sections that are reminiscent of genre pioneers, Death.

Overall Hidden History Of The Human Race has lived up to the hype surrounding its release, an interesting, unique and enjoyable death metal album that has something for everyone, it's not overly technical nor is it to mundane, a balance has been struck here and the album benefits from the experimentation. Is this is an indicator as to where Blood Incantation is headed then there are good things in store for humanity on the horizon, even if we are all destined to be food for the elder gods that lurk in the darkness between the stars.

Hidden History Of The Human Race is out now on Dark Descent Records!

Rating 9/10