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Berzerker Legion - Obliterate The Weak: Review

From as little as the opening two minutes of Obliterate The Weak, the debut album from Berzerker Legion it was clear this was going to a strong record, it's one of those albums that immediately gets you moving and it doesn't let go until it's finished with you.

It's no secret that one of Metal Saves' favourite bands out there at the moment is Temple of Void and it was thought that it would be a long time before a band held a torch to the raw and dirty heaviness they bring to their music, then Berzeker Legion turned up and dropped this galvanized anvil of an album for us all to feast upon. The guitar tone here is gritty and crunchy, the vocals rival that of Viking masters Amon Amarth while the bass and drums fill everything out on a seismic scale.

Berzerker Legion is made up of Tomas Elofsson of Hypocrisy, Alwin Zuur from Asphyx, Vader's James Stewart, Jonny Pettersson of Wombbath and Fredrik Isaksson from Dark Funeral. This stellar line up explains a lot, the term supergroup most definitely applies here.

Obliterate The Weak is a relentless death metal assault that knows no bounds and pulls no punches. The ten-song tracklist is packed with heavy hitters and all the parent bands of the members are felt across it, Vader's brutal, death march riffs, Hypcrosy's furious attack, Wombbath's depth and Asphyx's imagery along with Dark Funeral's, well, darkness. This is the exact result you want when throwing a band like this together to record, an incredibly strong debut that sets the bar for those to follow. It's already been a strong start to the year and if this is the template being set then we are in for some serious gems as we progress through the year.

Experience the brutality for yourself, Obliterate The Weak is out Jan 31st on Listenable Records.

Rating 10/10