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Barren Womb - Lizard Lounge: Review

When an invitation to listen to a new album from Barren Womb landed in the Metal Saves inbox, I rather naively thought this would be some sort of extreme or edgy death metal band, I was pleasantly surprised to find something totally different. (Not that new death metal is ever a band thing of course).

Barren Womb is a two-piece, northern hardcore band who hail from Norway and have been carving their way through the underground scene there with a heavy touring and release schedule. Their latest offering is Lizard Lounge which is due out May 22nd via Loyal Blood Records.

The's bands sound sits somewhere between Clutch, CKY and Royal Blood but with a heavy edge and huge doses of character, ambition and creativity. Each song on the ten track list is completely different but they all retain one constant, they are all infectiously catchy. Be it the upbeat and rocking 'Be Kind, Have Fun And Try Not To Die' or the heavy 'Cemetary Slopestyle' this record has something for everyone and is in no way jarring with it switch-ups and changes in momentum and style.

The entire range of Timo and Tony who make up Barren Womb is on display here, little appears to be out of their musical scope and ability which creates a diverse sound such as Lizard Lounge and beyond. Norway is usually associated with extreme music and while this album may not be traditionally heavy or even classed as metal at all it's an album that can be appreciated by many, especially the open-minded when it comes to alternative forms of music. The great North has more to offer than the stereotypical black and death metal we so often imagine and Northern Hardcore is one such option and if it all sounds like Barren Womb then count me in!

Overall 9/10