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Atlantean Kodex - The Course of Empire: Review

Germany’s Atlantean Kodex have released their third full-length album, The Course of Empire.

Conjuring epic imagery of a hero's journey, sword and shield battles across impossible landscapes through expert use of wailing guitars, powerful vocals and thundering drums. Atlantean Kodex have crafted a record that feels right at home among the likes of Hammerfall, Visigoth or Manowar.

If you like any of the above, you'll be in for a treat with The Course of Empire, each track is constructed with passion and dedication resulting in one of the most listenable epic folk/fantasy and doom tinged metal albums you’re likely to hear for a very long time.

Harmonies and choirs unite perfectly, accompanied by carefully placed tempos give the album an overall enjoyable pace, all too often metal in this space can over do things and burst into a gallop, this isn’t the case here, everything flows well and maintains integrity. It’s always a pleasure to listen to a record that’s been so well thought out and produced precisely as intended, the ending result in this case is a pure and joyous listening experience.

It’s difficult to pick any standout tracks as each one has its own unique flavour yet fits perfectly with the rest. Each track as masterfully put together as the other, be sure to give this record a listen, it’s confidently a close contender for an album of the year.

Rating 10/10