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Annihilator - Ballistic, Sadistic: Review

When it comes to thrash metal, Canda's Annihilator is always a safe bet and that's still the case with their new release Ballistic Sadistic, out now on Silver Lining Music.

This new album offers up a range of experiences, it encompasses Annihilator's old school sound which they have retained over the decades but it also does a good job of factoring in their newer styling, first found on 2013's Feast. This is as well along with some less expected elements, Psyco Ward, for example, features grooves more attuned to hair metal but blended with the tempo of thrash, however, the track does have a rather jarring outro that could have been abandoned on the cutting room floor to be brutally honest.

The usual targets are also lined up for lyrical attack, criticism of modern society, religion and some good of fashion nuclear holocaust and war, because, thrash right? Out With The GarbageI is vintage Annihilator, complete with lengthy, blistering solos, though again it has a short outro of a garbage compactor that will render headphone users half deaf.

Riot serves as the records anthemic headbanger and is sure to be a hit on the live circuit. One Wrong Move features an interesting tempo change up and some chugging, pure thrash ladened riffs and power slides. There is really something for everyone who loves thrash here, did I mention the jazz bass sections? This is a record that serves to package Annihilator's complete musical range and it accomplishes that with ease. It could have been easy to get the arrangement on this record wrong but it's been masterfully put together.

Overall, Ballistic, Sadistic will serve both long term and new listeners and can be held up as a shining example of what can be achieved when you stretch thrash metal to its limits and experiment with the formula.

Rating 7/10