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Agony Atlas - Retrogression Part 1 Egomania: EP Review

Germany's Agony Atlas dropped their EP at the start of October this year and while it may only sit at three tracks, that's plenty for the band to declare their purpose with. Symphonic and electronic layers meet heavy guitars, and pounding double bass pedals as they come together to form the vessel chosen by the band to deliver their message and community on the modern world. Their sound is akin to the production of Arch Enemy mixed with a little Jinjer like djent that they like to call Progressive Metalcore.

Retrogression Part 1: Egomania is conceptual in the fact that it has a story to tell. In the band's own words, it's the year 2095. Planet earth is on its rushing way down into the abyss. The United Nations put together a group of leading international scientists to prevent that decay. For the scientists, a journey back in time is the only possibility left. A journey back into the year 2020, back to the turning point of mankind's history. The name of this newly established organization: Agony Atlas.

A team is put together to shake up the society of that decade. With images of all that is to come, unless widespread action is taken: Wars, catastrophes, hunger, and distress – ultimately linked to the downfall of earth and thereby also the whole of mankind.

So things get pretty meta with the idea behind the album, this gives the band the freedom to explore social community of today with an eye on the future and the trajectory of humankind. It's this hook that makes the EP interesting, the lyrics while growled are easy to pick out and after a few listens you'll find yourself shouting along with Frontwoman Liane Walter – vocals (DEATHLESSON, ex-INCERTAIN).

Musically everything is incredibly tight and leveled well, as a teaser for what the project is looking to produce, it's exciting, there's a bright future for Agony Atlas even if their own songs tells a story otherwise.

Rating 4/5

Picture Credit: Marian Kost 2020