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Agnostic Front - Get Loud!: Review

When it comes to Hardcore, no one does it better than the old guard, and NYHC legends, Agnostic Front have proven that point with their new release Get Loud!

AF have compiled fourteen tracks of pure, unadulterated, NYHC, having lost nothing over the years of their extensive career. Get Loud! is aggressive, it's fast-paced, it's in your face and it doesn't mess around for a single second. AF have never minced their words and have never compromised on a record and this new offering is absolutely no expectation to the band's philosophy, a record as hard as the city of New York itself.

Tracks Spray Painted Walls and I Remember are working their way up the most played list on AF's streaming profiles in the days following the release but any track here could well find it's way onto those coveted charts, such is the depth of the album.

Dead Silence, Attention and Pull The Trigger also deserve a special mention as stand out tracks. It's a rarity when a band with a legacy and lengthy career such as Agnostic's that their later releases serve as a good jumping on point but Get Loud! wouldn't be a bad bet for those who maybe aren't familiar with the band or just coming around to exploring New York Hardcord (or Hardcore in general).

All the tropes of a good Agnostic Front album are here, Roger Miret's distinctive vocals, gang vocals, chants, punky breakdowns and of course Stigma's blistering guitar work.

There is little to sperate this album from an older AF release, it slides right in alongside their back catalogue and fits comfortably, a testament to the band's integrity and talent.

This one will be on repeat for a while...

Rating - 9/10

Get Loud! is out now on Nuclear Blast Records.