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Against Evil set to release new album End of the Line May 14th

Against Evil, India's go-to Heavy Metal force from the city of Visakhapatnam has revealed the new artwork and release date for their next album End of the Line. The album will be out May 14th via German/Swiss-based record label Doc Gator Records in Europe and will release independently for the rest of the world.

"Recording this album was one hell of a ride which we will never forget. The album was recorded in two parts. Our initial plan was to release a 5-track EP in 2020 and so tracks 1-5 were recorded, mixed and mastered between February and June 2020. We couldn't release the EP due to the global pandemic, but it gave us time to write more songs and that's when we decided to add the new songs and make it a full-length album. Tracks 6-9 were recorded, mixed and mastered between January and February 2021. In the end, we feel all the trouble and wait has been absolutely worth it because we couldn’t be happier with the way this album turned out and we hope you guys like it as much as we do!

The band formed in 2014 and blends traditional heavy metal, with power and speed metal combined with a modern sound. Against Evil have released two albums so far – Fatal Assault in 2015 and All Hail the King which followed in 2018. Both records were met critical acclaim. After the release of All Hail the King, the band started to pull together a solid, global fan base, especially in Europe among communities of traditional heavy metal, power metal and thrash metal fans. This all led to the partnership with Doc Gator Records. With the help of the label and a Facebook metal group “Heavy Metal Fans”, the band was able to embark on a crowdfunded European tour in the summer of 2019, performing club and festival shows in Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland, sharing stages with legendary bands such as Queensryche, Riot V, Hardline and many others.


1. The Sound of Violence

2. Speed Demon

3. Out for Blood

4. Call to War

5. End of the Line

6. Sword of Power

7. Metal or Nothin’

8. Fearless

9. War Hero (CD Bonus Track: Re-Recorded Version)