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Abigail Williams - Walk Beyond The Dark: Review

Over the years Abigail Willams have proved a band hard to nail down, various attempts a genre splicing or experimenting have maybe put a more than a few people off but all of that has now changed with the release of Walk Beyond The Dark which is out now via Blood Music.

After a rollercoaster start to their career, the atmospheric, black metal style Abigail Willams now to seem to have settled into and made their own is working and it's working really well on Walk Beyond The Dark, a lengthy seven-track studio album produced and engineered by vocalist and guitarist Ken Sorceron. It's also yet another metal release that boasts incredible artwork from Mariusz Lewandowski.

Walk Beyond The Dark is being cited by fans and critics alike as one of if not the strongest release to date to come from the band and it's easy to see why that opinion is so widespread. The record packs as much furious, authentic black metal as it does atmosphere and it feels like the band have struck the balance that works for them just right, resulting in a record that is truly comprised of their own sound.

The fantastic Sun and Moon is one of the records standout offerings, delivering a healthy dose of blast beat, screaming black metal but with an underpinning atmosphere, it also bleeds perfectly into the frantic opening of the following track, Ever So Bold before it divulges back into brutal black metal. The rhymic sections here fit well with the tempo and further galvanize the record's sound and tone. There is also an excellent section of guitar work from guest guitarist Justin Mckinney on display here that deserved a special mention.

Around the half-way point, Black Waves takes you on a ten-minute long journey into the psyche of Sorceron and the band as a whole laid out in beautiful atmospheric sections, laced with haunting Cellos. This sound is stretched n made all the more dramatic as the track descends into frantic black metal once more before yet more tempo changes. A well-constructed mid-way piece that's sure to prove popular with crowds.

The remainder of the album is consistent, no filler to be found in any respect, this is a straight black metal album bristling with personality and atmosphere, you can also pick up your copy at Bandcamp under a "Pay What You Want" scheme so there is no reason for you not to get into this one.

Overall 7/10