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Abbath - Outstrider: Review

Outstrider, the second album from Immortal founder and Black Metal titan Abbath Doom Occulta’s newest venture hit shelves recently, following the warm reception his debut effort received back in 2016.

Outstrider up’s the ante from the last record, there are tighter sections and bigger solos to be found littered throughout the record and there are some parts that are you may not have expected to hear going in. Abbath has certainly evolved somewhat on this album but at the same time still sticks rather closely to the black metal gameplan.

That’s not, by all means, a bad thing, especially when it comes from an artist who has conquered the genre already. What I am trying to say is that it would have been really interesting to see these slight changes in Abbath’s arsenal fully realised, with this only being the second album there is room, I’m sure for this to happen.

Outrider still doesn't pull any punches, it’s aggressive when it needs to be and melodic in all the right places, a tightly produced record even with the short 38 minutes run time. Stand out tracks include Clam in Ire (Hurricane) which offers up so pure Abbath wrapped in a slightly different black metal packaging. The melodic yet punishing Harvest Pyre and the headbanging friendly title track Outstrider.

Overall this is an album well worth listening to for both fans of the man himself or Black Metal in general, if this is a preview of the direction and evolution Abbath is undertaking with this new project then colour us excited for the future.

Outstrider is available now on Season of Mist

Rating 6.5/10