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A Vicious End - The Hills Will Burn: Review

The story of A Vicious End is as interesting as it is unfortunate. Originally formed by multi-instrumentalist Armando Díaz as a full band just before the Pandemic the project has since been forced in a very different direction. Diaz remained at the helm and sought out various musicians from around the world to help him complete his vision of the first album under the AVE banner.

The end result is yet another album put together under incredible circumstances that sounds just like the band was in the same studio together. As the Pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the music world, stories of resilience and determination such as this should be celebrated. The unique situation is summed up in the opening line of 'Don't Back Down', a battle cry of 'You're never going to break me and I won't back down!' rings out in defiance.

The Hills Will Burn is a metalcore album and much like Lungs released recently by Regrowth, it's a homage back to the heyday of the genre, invoking the likes of early Bury Tomorrow and Atreyu. The roster of guest appearances adds depth to the record, for example, the dueling clean and guttural vocals on 'Fields of Gray' which features Christina Rotondo who has worked with the likes of Breaking Benjamin and Adelyn. In a similar fashion, 'Without You' also inspire feelings of the good old metalcore days with guest vocals from session vocalist, Dan Picknell.

'Smoke and Mirrors' is another huge standout track with its weighty sound and ear-splitting vocals, accompanied by some excellent drum work contributing to the energy of the track and one that's sure to get even the most skeptical listener moving.

This isn't just another metalcore album, this is a passion project, a tale of triumph in adversity, a love letter to days gone by, and a professional portfolio all wrapped up into a tidy package that is sure to entertain fans of the genre both new and old.

You can listen to the album in full on YouTube right now!

Rating 7/10